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Best SEO Internship in Malappuram, Kerala

Job opportunities are awaiting you! Are you still searching for a professional course? Then stop your searching. Oriben Technolab’ is here for you. Choose our best SEO internship in Kerala and make an impact on your future!

Best SEO Internship in Malappuram, Kerala

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Best SEO Training and Internship in Malappuram, Kerala

Best SEO Training and Internship in Malappuram, Kerala

Oriben Technolab’ is a fast growing institution in the field of SEO course in Malappuram. We have many wonderful students who cracked the best seo related jobs after completing internships from our institute. When compared to other digital marketing methods, SEO is always in demand for skills and aspirations of young minds. That’s why our subject matter experts focus on the level of Search Engine Optimization training of our students.

Our digital scholars ensure a beneficial and successful course completion for our students with the advantage of an SEO internship. No matter what, we will make you another Jijo Joseph ( a famous SEO specialist) of Kerala!

The Best SEO Training & Internship Programs in Malappuram, Kerala

the SEO course institute in Malappuram provide Keyword research Internship

Keyword Research

Keywords are the core of SEO. From this we can ensure the websites' online presence. Therefore students will learn industry specific keywords for getting visibility.

The Best SEO Training & Internship institute in Malappuram provide on-page SEO course

On- Page SEO Internship

This internship covers practice related to optimizing web pages for search engines by looking at elements such as meta tags, headings, content, and URL structure

The Best SEO Training & Internship institute in Malappuram provide Off-page SEO course

Off- Page SEO Internship

Through this internship, students will master the skill of creating high quality backlinks to increase the authority of a website by engaging in social media marketing or engagement

The Best SEO Training & Internship institute in Malappuram provide technical SEO course

Technical SEO internship

Students will learn the technical aspects such as website speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and addressing crawlability issues to improve overall site performance.

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In this digital era, traditional marketing has no role. Everyone chooses one marketing for visually appealing businesses. In this context, job opportunities increased a lot. Choose the best SEO course in Kerala to secure a job!

Client Spotlights

See what our SEO interns have to say about us

Afras C

At first, I thought these digital courses were not suitable for me. After joining Oriben Technolab, my misconceptions changed. I entered into the course of SEO marketing training provided by Oriben. Their training programs are absolutely nice and interesting. Now I got a professional diploma without any digital background.

Vipin V P

SEO professionals from Oriben helped me to secure a job. Their internship programs are helpful and I understand the techniques of SEO such as keyword finding, local seo, etc.


Now I can say that we do not need any IT background to become a specialist in search engine marketing. Because industry experts of Oriben teach us the way we want to enhance our skills.

No.1 SEO Courses and Internship In Malappuram

Nowadays every business has their own websites and apps. So there is a need to learn web development, mobile app development and digital marketing skills in this digital world. Oriben Introduced SEO courses at various levels in your own space for the upliftment of the career opportunities of the youth. And the most important thing is you will get an experience certificate through seo internships. By engaging in the internships, aspirants get an idea about the digital realm, they will learn seo techniques by using seo tools. Oriben Technolab paves a way to excel in your digital career.

Oriben Technolab has a lot of strengths when compared to other SEO training institutes. We have an excellent academic team who act as guardian angels of our students. Also we provide placement assistance after the internship programmes. During our internship programme, we provide all the mental and technical support for our students, because we consider them as assets of the future. SEO courses gain very much importance in this era of artificial intelligence because there is a conflict between ‘fakeness and realness’. In this situation, institutions like Oriben give well Structured SEO modules to learn up to the second aspect of search engine optimization. Also during the internship programme, working with major companies from different industries and those real world projects gives an insight about the ups and downs or world of seo. Think wisely and choose the best SEO course from Oriben Technolab!

Why is Oriben Technolab the Best for Digital Marketing Courses?

No.1 SEO course & Internship institute in Kerala provides live project based training

Live and Real Projects

No.1 SEO course & Internship institute in Kerala provides hand on free education

Hands-on Experience

No.1 SEO course & Internship institute in Malappuram, kerala provide updated syllabus program

Well Structured Training Programmes

SEO Internship Institute in kerala provides Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

SEO is basically based on search engines. Therefore You will learn how to improve website visibility on search engines, and choose effective keywords, and content writing for better online presence. Apart from this, you will learn how to manage On- Page SEO, Off- page Seo, technical SEO etc from our SEO marketing institute.

Yes. First of all, when you join our SEO course, you will be thorough with the theory part. Also, our internship is designed for beginners and those with basic knowledge, making it accessible to everyone. We can assure you that each student will become the best SEO expert after learning from us.

The internship typically spans six months allowing you to grasp SEO concepts at a
comfortable pace. But you should keep this in your mind. Once you study well, don’t stop. You have to update yourself about this area with years of experience.

Sure, upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate recognizing your achievement in SEO. And it is an advanced diploma certificate for an SEO internship.

Studying SEO opens doors to various opportunities, from optimising websites for search engines to contributing to digital marketing strategies. Once you master the skills of SEO, you can become a good digital marketer, SEO expert and specialist.

We have a complete SEO syllabus with structured modules. During this period, you will be familiar with paid and unpaid SEO tools. After that you will have the chance to work on live projects, applying your SEO skills in practical scenarios.

There are many SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Yoast seo, SpyFu, BuzzSumo, Keyword Planner, skilz hub etc. These are various SEO tools used for keyword analysis, competitor research, and performance tracking.

Our courses are designed to be accessible, and we strive to offer affordable options for individuals seeking quality education. Feel free to ask our pricing details on our website or contact us for more information on course affordability